Communities of Sustainable Europe (CoSE)

Communities of Sustainable Europe (CoSE)

international network of RURAL villages and URBAN neighborhoods
for bottom-up approach

CONTACT: Jaap Huurman +31.6.2424.0111

An initiative of the Community of Ashton Hayes (village in Cheshire-West, United Kingdom), the Community of Beckerich (municipality-village in Luxemburg), the Community of Betlejem (quarter of Reda, near Gdansk, in Poland), the Community of Blacon (quarter of Chester, United Kingdom), the Communities of Bӧcs and Bükkaranyos (municipality-villages in Bükk-Mak-Miskolc-Region, Hungary). the Community of De Stoere Houtman (quarter of Arnhem, the Netherlands), the Community of Feldheim (invited, village of Treuenbrietzen, Germany), the Community of Frankenwald (invited, village near Hof, Germany), the Community of Jühnde ( invited, independent village in Germany), the Community of Measolle (village in France), the Community of Ommerkanaal (village of Overijssel, the Netherlands), the Community of Schönau (Schwarzwald, Germany), the Community of Strem (municipality-village in Ӧko-Energie-Bürgerland, Austria) and the Community of Vauban (quarter of Freiburg, Germany)


Dear friends of a Sustainable Europe,

Welcome to the new and ongoing-refreshing website of the developing network ‘Communities of Sustainable Europe’.

Yes, we are young:

read some about our ‘living history’, that started with De Stoere Houtman in a neighbourhood, that is called ‘deprived’ in the Netherlands.
We did not want to accept the demolishment of our homes.
Instead we made own plans for our small residential area.
Authorities liked that and supported us.
After years we became part of the European PATH2RES Program and for that we described our own ‘Stoere Houtman Statements’on sustainability.

See houtm cose statements english.

All this brought us more and even better friends: other communities with ambitions and even experiences on sustainability.
With them we decided to create this CoSE-network.

Are you a community, that has inspirations to join us, because you are already a ‘Sustainable Community’ or because you have the ambition to become one, see our ‘CoSE-roadmap, how to become a sustainable community’.
But read first the materials of some CoSE-partners, some of them have realised much more than De Stoere Houtman.

Questionnaire ( for the community-management )

Good luck anyway with your works.

Bye, bye,
on behalf of all CoSE-partners,
Jaap Huurman, initiator

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